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College Essays That will get your child noticed

It can be difficult for students to write about themselves, especially in a high-stakes situation like the college admissions process. Kim Lifton, President of Wow Writing Workshop, will share her best tips and resources so you can help your child write compelling essays without overstepping your role.

Kim Lifton, recently named a LinkedIn Top Voices in Education, is President of Wow Writing Workshop, a strategic communication company staffed by experts who understand the writing process and the college admissions industry, inside and out. She has been reporting the news, writing for business and nonprofits, and teaching students how to tell their stories for three decades. Kim’s articles on the college essay and other topics appear in a variety of publications, in print and on the web. Wow has been leading the industry with our unique approach to communicating any message effectively for 10 years. We teach students how to write college essays – and we train professionals who want to improve their essay writing processes. Kim spearheads Wow's business communication services, helping small businesses and nonprofits communicate their messages using the written word.


College Financial planning

Dana Timchenko, CFP & Financial Advisor, presents on the following topics:

Cost of College – Real vs Stated!
Aid – The Down & Dirty!
FAFSA/ EFC strategies!
Savings Vehicles & Borrowing
How to Fund College in Real Life!
Lastly – “Put your Air Mask on Before Helping Others”!

Dana Timchenko has a passion for helping build confidence & financial security for clients and their families. Her practice concentrates on working with individuals in the accounting field, helping navigate their complex restrictions, benefit plans and compliance requirements, while driving the returns needed to help accopmlish their goals.