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What is an educational consultant?

Purchasing a home is one of the most expensive decisions anyone can make but one of the most important is college. The education, professional affiliations, cultural influences and financial variables of higher education follows a college graduate for a lifetime. Most students turn to their guidance counselor for college planning. After all, high school guidance counselors are extremely informative, well trained to assist our students and one of the most important influencers along the pathway to college. Unfortunately, due to cuts in school budgets our students have very little one-on-one time with their guidance counselors for college planning. According to the American School Counselor Association, the US student-to-school counselor ratio in 2013-2014 was a staggering 491:1. On average, students only meet with their guidance counselor for about two hours total throughout high school and most likely to learn about standardized testing, mental health services and/or academic scheduling. As a result, many high school students are left in the dark to navigate through the overwhelming admissions process. Educational consultants fill this gap while working on college essentials. We meet as often as contracted exclusively for the purpose of college list development, campus visits, goal setting, mock interviewing, college essay planning, extracurricular planning and much more. The rising student will have multiple team members helping them find their right college fit. For a complete list of our services, click here:

who is the educational consultant?

Our Founder and CEO, Dale has ties to college admissions that run deep. He’s the former Senior Admissions Officer at a globally recognized entertainment media college in Hollywood and has served on a nonprofit as the Executive Scholarship Chair awarding thousands in funds. Working with veteran families, he’s assisted hundreds of dependents as a military benefits transition team member too. His professional affiliations are with HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association), SACAC (Southern Association for College Admission Counseling), and the Texas Exes (official alumni association for the University of Texas at Austin). These associations, combined with visiting nearly 20 campuses annually, also provide exclusive insight into college access trends. 

why is access college america different?

ACA is recognized nationally as a premier practice because we provide all general industry standard services such as college list development, essay brainstorming, mock interviewing, etc. with an entertainment industry niche. We are one of the only national providers that create a personalized Master Financial Plan for our clients too (and it is priceless). Our exclusive feature uses imported data and algorithms about school debt, average career salary, location and cost of living plus more to provide a realistic snapshot of life after college. Another benefit about ACA is our first year college retainer, it is also included for all package purchasers because we take your college decisions personal too. We offer our transfer services at no additional costs should our clients transfer out within the first year. Lastly, we are proud to be a military friendly business.

what other services do you offer?

Our best value is always the comprehensive package but we can do a custom block at 5 hours. Many times our agency is approached for early exploration into college and we will assist families with children for a look ahead too. For a list of these services, click here.

can you guarantee admissions?

No, our contract is solely with the family. We do not partner with college admission’s offices. Although clients that select our comprehensive package will increase their chances for admissions through self discovery, development and readiness. 

when should i hire an consultant?

Strategy is key when applying to college and we recommend starting with the freshman year. The courses chosen and the academic record that begins in ninth grade affects options that each student has throughout high school. If you are starting late we do offer a senior rush package but space is extremely limited to maximize 1:1 availability. The majority of our work is spent during the junior and senior year. By applying early, a family will lock in services throughout the junior and senior year. Schedule your FREE consultation now, click here!

how do you work with families?

We are a nationally recognized practice that utilizes technology. The majority of our work is conducted through email, phone & video chat which fosters a convenience and flexibility factor for everyone. Working remotely is much more productive for our clients, we meet them where they are. Our success has been a result of the flexibility, availability and experience vs an in-person meeting.

what about confidentiality?

We never identify our clients to anyone, under any circumstances.


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