Access College America is a National Provider for College Planning Guidance


Why Us

Access College America was founded in response to the high demand for exclusive guidance with college planning at affordable pricing with accessibility in mind. We provide the tools, resources and experience to help your family find the right college fit.

Our Services

Accessible. Affordable. We meet you at home with Facetime, ZOOM, Google Hangout or Skype. Inquire about à la carte hourly sessions, budget friendly blocks, comprehensive or senior rush packages (financing now available!). Intake limited per grade, rates vary.


Our Guarantee

According to US News & World Report, over 30% of college freshman transfer to another college. This results in a loss of valuable credits, financial aid, time and other meaningful resources. We take college consulting seriously so we offer our transfer services at no additional cost should any client decide to leave during their freshman year.

Our Mission

In person or online, Access College America was founded with the intention of exploring pathways leading to higher education through self-discovery. We create a sense of security assisting our clients while navigating throughout the college admissions process. Access College America works relentlessly to offer the best value with the most comprehensive consulting services in the nation. 

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Top 10 Practice

Recognized as a national leader with an entertainment media expertise, our services include all industry standard practices but include a student success binder and a first year college retainer at affordable prices. Financing now available.

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